Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft.

Earlier today the year 7 students joined the year 6 students in a Da Vinci Decathalon Challenge that was set the children in SA last week. The collaborating between the year levels was excellent and some great discussions and action was taking place.

In our 1:1 iPad scheme we have now pushed out Minecraft to all students and will be using it in different ways during the year. This has been something we have been toying with for a while, thanks to @paulhuebl onĀ http://paulhuebl.com/2014/06/06/minecraft-playing-to-learn/

Some children, believe it or not, are not familiar with how the sandbox style game works. To that end we instructed the year level to build in Minecraft their structures from earlier. The creativity the children are showing is mind boggling and inspiring.


Good things are happening.



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